Jonathan Lockwood

Colorado Concern Opposed to Amendment 66

DENVER (October 22, 2013)— Colorado Concern, an alliance of Colorado’s top business leaders, announced their opposition to Amendment 66, the nearly billion dollar-a-year tax increase. Colorado Concern joins an ever-growing and diverse list of opponents, including Club 20, Progressive 15, Action 22 and the South Metro Chamber of Commerce, to the tax scheme.

Since March the group has noted its concern over moving from a flat tax rate to a tiered rate as required by Amendment 66, but it wasn’t until the delay of a suit by the Colorado Education Association (Colorado’s teacher union) that the alliance decided to publicly oppose the Amendment.

According to their statement on the issue:

“To us, asking for nearly $1 billion dollars annually on the one hand - as CEA is doing as a proponent of Amendment 66 - when you plan to file a lawsuit over components of the very measure you are seeking to fund, felt disingenuous at best.  Additionally, ensuring that the decision to litigate occurred after the election lacked the transparency we believe voters deserve.”

About Coloradans for Real Education Reform

The bipartisan coalition, Coloradans for Real Education Reform, was developed to advocate for substantive reform that leads to measurable gains in student achievement and to oppose the billion dollar tax increase proposed by Amendment 66. For additional information, please visit us at

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